A blossoming business

A blossoming business

Quality, diversity, sustainability and continuity

For more than thirty years nursery De Landscheiding has maintained a high quality standard for the fresh Santini's we harvest every day. The design and layout of our production process is focused on sustainability, quality, diversity and continuity.

Our family business values a thorough and slow breeding method and a well-considered collection of varieties. All our varieties are harvested daily and are sorted by maturity and weight. We only harvest the stems that are mature enough. As a result, we offer a continuously uniform product, of which all stems are 100% usable.

Our team of experienced and motivated employees makes sure that De Landscheiding delivers the quality that we are known for every day. This top quality is exclusively packed in our renewed LS-Santini sleeve; clear and recognizable!


Wilco Hofman


Wilco started growing outdoor chrysanthemums at the age of nineteen. He bought his first company for growing year-round chrysanthemums in 1985, and the rest is history. To this day, Wilco's primary focus has been and always will be cultivation. And as a byproduct of his passion, he has infected his daughter Juliska with his love for the Santini.

Juliska Hofman


Initially Juliska wanted nothing to do with her father's business, but the lure of the Santini business, ultimately proved too strong. Now, Juliska takes care of all financial and commercial business and together with her father, she paves the way for the future of the family business.

Our team

Seizing the day


Our roots

Wilco bought his first company in 1985 with ​​4500 m² of space for the cultivation of year-round chrysanthemums. After four years of hard work, Wilco and his wife Martina moved the business to Bleiswijk. There, De Landscheiding was established in 1989 with ​​13,000 m² worth of space. The entire company has since been renewed and De Landscheiding now has a total surface area of ​​32,000 m².

Production process

Throughout the entire production chain we maintain personal contact with our business relations. This allows us to match our product range and service as good as possible to customer demand. If possible, De Landscheiding will gladly help you to provide service suited to your wishes.


' Nature is the foundation of our cultivation system'

Our mission

With care and an eye for quality

De Landscheiding exclusively breeds and supplies top quality Santini's. We focus on durability, firmness, appearance, freshness and shelf life. This makes us a reliable partner for you.